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Ashampoo Snap 16 is a robust and all-inclusive screen capture program which makes it simple to capture screenshots, record videos, and modify them.

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Note: It is recommended that you first create and sign in to your personal software account and then bind the license key to your account to activate the software on your device, so that you can reset and reactivate it directly from your software account when you change to a new device in the future.

Save time and screen-catch data immediately
With Ashampoo Snap 16, catching screen captures or recordings is easy! Anything you see on your screen, you can in a flash and easily catch. Then, at that point, you can alter and expand your shots with graphical components, auto-numbering, remarks, shapes, cliparts, from there, the sky is the limit, to recount your story outwardly and in style. Results are effectively and immediately shareable. Whether you're telecommuting, immediately need to clarify a strategy or anticipate make a whole instructional exercise, Snap 16 is the fast track to progress!

Arrive at your objectives quicker
Whether examining, catching, or altering, Ashampoo Snap 16 totally dominates its ancestors! The shiny new motor and improved processes save you time and exertion, and moment shots transform the greater part of your screen captures into two-click undertakings. From low-res to high-res to multi-show conditions, Snap 16 places you in the fast track to progress!

New catching choices: It gets no more down to earth than this!
Screenshotting used to be a road that goes only one direction: Pick a catch mode, then, at that point, select a screen segment. Misclicked or adjusted your perspective? Begin once again, moving ahead is the only option! In Snap 16, you can continuously alter your perspective without beginning without any preparation, on account of the new menu! Pursue a faster route with moment shots, separate different screen texts and varieties straight, catch looking over pages, use clocks, and make video accounts. Achievement is never multiple snaps away!


Supercharge your video captures
Add arrows and rectangles in various colors to your video captures in real time. It's super easy and the shapes fade out after a short while. Not only does this new feature allow you to instantly draw attention to details but it also minimizes the need for video post-processing.

Precious attention to details
A new toolbar provides pixel-perfect views with seamless zooming, 1:1 display or custom sizes. The redesigned magic eye saves you a click during screenshotting. Video captures now use new technology that supports live annotations with arrows and rectangles. Finally. Ashampoo Snap 16 always looks great and remains perfectly usable no matter what screen resolution you're using!

Welcome back!
By special customer request, we've bringing back a few past and popular features! You can once again include the mouse pointer in your screenshots and add watermarks to your shots. Scroll-capturing has been reworked and is now more stable and reliable than ever before, both vertically and horizontally. And for long-time users and traditionalists: You can once again copy your images to the system clipboard via Ctrl+C when there's no object selected in the editor!

Indispensable home office companion
Ashampoo Snap is the perfect tool to augment your home office work with screenshots and videos. Whether inhouse or frontline, Snap makes your communication faster, more efficient and more meaningful. Proposals, discussions or explanations all benefit from a more visual approach. It's "show, don't tell" for a reason! Capture anything you see on your screen and drive the message home with annotations, cliparts and effects. Video capturing, editing and sharing is also fully supported. With no steep learning curve or hardware requirements, Ashampoo Snap is the tool to take your communication to the next level!

Smart desktop capturing and sharing
Once active, Snap's magic eye auto-detects elements below your mouse pointer (browser windows, program menus, images, etc.) and offers instant 1-click capturing with pixel precision. But it doesn't stop there: Snap can also capture custom rectangular or freehand regions and even supports scrolling content! Naturally, the program supports all possible kinds of sharing options, including email and Ashampoo Web!

Optical character recognition (OCR) for your screenshots
As of now, Snap no longer recognizes just 7 but over 180 languages! Our new text recognition utilizes Windows' own language packs and produces better results faster. Chances are you won't be needing over 180 languages straight away so, in the interest of simplicity, we've limited the number of initially available languages to the system languages currently installed on your machine. You can easily add additional languages via the "Add language" menu item.

Fast and easy video cutting
Not every video recording is an instant success. Ads, extra steps or pauses are a frequent bother. The same applies to screen captures. Keep the important bits and get rid of the rest with Ashampoo Snap! Remove ads, glitches or superfluous scenes or split your video into individual episodes. It doesn't matter whether you're casually pointing and capturing, creating an extensive webinar or producing a high-quality presentation: With Ashampoo Snap, every video capture comes out a success!

Create videos for any purpose
Creating instructional videos or documentaries is a breeze with Ashampoo Snap. Recordings are live-annotable with texts, drawings and voice narration. Clear things up with visualized mouse clicks and key strokes and add watermarks to protect your intellectual property. Take it to the next level and add live feeds from your webcam in a single click. Here's your ticket to create engaging tutorials, prepare instructive webinars and to point the way to the things that matter most to you–literally!

Screenshot recording

Perfect for different screen resolutions and multi-display environments
Ashampoo Snap fully supports multi-display setups, even with different resolution and DPI combinations, e.g. mixed Full HD and 4K environments. Each display is captured at its individual resolution for maximum crispness and results are instantly editable. And once you're in the editor, it's smooth sailing for beginners and professionals alike!

Screenshot multi monitor

Create GIFs from any video
What would the internet be without those charming GIF animations? But GIFs can also be used in tutorials or demonstrations to great effect. Ashampoo Snap can turn any video segment into GIFs. Just set the start and end positions, fire up the built-in converter and you're done!

More than a snipping tool: extensive comfort features
Ashampoo Snap does most of the heavy lifting for you. Automatic numbering or time-delayed captures will help you make the most of your shots. Freely annotate your captures with texts and drawings or use flood fills. Put the spotlight on individual portions, blur sensitive data and use the highlighter to direct attention in style!

Screenshot comfort

Capture desktop contents and save videos or images from the internet
The internet is brimming with fascinating images, texts and videos. Ashampoo Snap makes it easy to capture what you like! Save image and videos and edit them on the fly and to your liking! Anything you see on your screen, or hear through your sound card, Snap can capture!

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