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 An office suite without compromise, without a lengthy training period, Ashampoo Office 9 lets you create documents, spreadsheets and presentations faster than ever before. It has all the options and comfort you'd expect from a modern Office suite. And Ashampoo Office 9 doesn't save your files in some online cloud service but where they belong: on your PC! It's the Office suite you've always wanted!

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Create documents, spreadsheets and presentations with great ease–and excellent compatibility!

Note: It is recommended that you first create and sign in to your personal software account and then bind the license key to your account to activate the software on your device, so that you can reset and reactivate it directly from your software account when you change to a new device in the future.

We've all seen Microsoft Office alternatives in the past but never one that is so affordable and greatly compatible with Microsoft document formats past and present. An office suite without compromise, without a lengthy training period, Ashampoo Office 9 lets you create documents, spreadsheets and presentations faster than ever before. It has all the options and comfort you'd expect from a modern Office suite. And Ashampoo Office 9 doesn't save your files in some online cloud service but where they belong: on your PC! It's the Office suite you've always wanted!

Use it on up to 5 PCs in your household
If you use Ashampoo Office at home, you can run it on up to 5 PCs! A single license is enough to provide your entire family with a powerful office suite! If you use it commercially though, it's one license per installation.

  • Space-efficient PDFs with auto-scaling
  • Auto-corrections of common typos for various languages
  • Additional list view in "New document" dialog box
  • Different formatting options for pasted clipboard content
  • Insert WEBP images
  • Improved spellcheck handling
  • Easily edit grouped objects
  • Display full document path in title bar
  • Direct input of hex values for Unicode characters
  • Auto-suggestions for hyperlink insertion
  • Improved dark mode with dark sidebars
  • Dark mode auto-toggle based on Windows settings
  • Share documents with Windows apps
  • Undo individual steps during text replacement
  • File attributes like "Compressed", "Icon position on desktop" and "Owner" preserved during saving
  • Elegant Windows 11 style

Excellent word processing: Ashampoo Write

Our Microsoft Word alternative offers a wealth of new options: Compare two documents side by side with synchronous scrolling, select multiple non-contiguous text ranges with the Ctrl key, and benefit from enhanced document change tracking! Create documents with embedded fonts that ensure your readers get the full experience even they don't have them installed! The new Book layout displays the first page of a document on the right in two-page view, table cells are now easily rotatable, and list numbering now supports right-alignment. Dummy texts can be created instantly and paragraph and character styles are now easily filterable. The best-in-class Word alternative has just gotten even better so what are you waiting for?

Powerful spreadsheet processing: Ashampoo Calculate

  • Import and export SQLite databases
  • Sort by color (cell color and font color)
  • Filter by color with AutoFilter
  • Support for custom date order in CSVs (DMY, MDY, YMD)
  • Dynamic cell-based chart titles, axis titles and data labels
  • Custom decimal and thousands separators for CSV files
  • Link texts in AutoShapes to table cells
  • Convenient Formula ribbon tab with recalculation options
  • Sort pivot tables with user-defined lists

Calculate is the perfect replacement for Excel! Naturally, our spreadsheet application is greatly compatible with all Excel documents. That means no learning curve, no conversion, even for the latest file formats. Version 9 can import and export SQLite databases and offers more flexible handling of CSV files. Smart auto-filters help you sift through data by color and chart titles and labels can now be auto-generated based on cell data, just like texts in AutoShapes. Recalculations are a piece of cake with the Formula ribbon tab, and neither is sorting through custom lists in pivot tables! Make the switch to Calculate and work with all popular formats today. You won't regret it!

Stunning presentations: Ashampoo Present

With easy handling and intuitive UI design, Present is the go-to replacement for PowerPoint. Version 9 features all-purpose dynamic slide transitions that are greatly compatible with PowerPoint! Now, your presentations also work on Linux, complete with sounds and videos. There is now an element for rotating table cells on the Table ribbon and fullscreen mode is more versatile thanks to togglable rulers. Create stunning and informative presentations without effort and enjoy great compatibility with MS PowerPoint!

  • Word processing made perfect: Ashampoo Write
  • Select multiple non-contiguous text ranges with the Ctrl key
  • Easy two-document comparison with synchronous scrolling
  • Embedded font support for TMDX and DOCX files
  • Document-embedded fonts so recipients don't need to have them installed
  • Display deletions in comments pane with change tracking enabled
  • New Book layout with first page on the right in two-page view
  • Filter paragraph and character styles by "All styles", "Styles in use" and "Styles in document"
  • Rotate table cells with Table ribbon tab
  • Displace whitespaces as dots for all Unicode variants
  • Numbered lists with leading zeros
  • Right-aligned list numbering
  • Quickly create dummy texts

Write is the modern Microsoft Word alternative that lets you create and edit documents of any size, from greeting cards, business letters and brochures to your entire thesis. With miniature page previews and a clickable table of contents, you'll never lose track of your documents! The unique object mode allows you to freely place graphics, drawings and texts in your document, while the real-time word counter ensures you'll hit your target document length to a T. For experts, we've included SQLite and dBase support as well as bulk printing for XLSX files. Microsoft Word-compatible footnotes and endnotes within the same document enable high-level professional working. And because Write reads and writes DOCX natively, your documents are always compatible with all versions of Microsoft Word. Not only can you easily print your finished documents but also distribute them as PDFs or ebooks.

Excellent spreadsheet processing: Ashampoo Calculate

Creating complex calculations and charts in spreadsheets can be a hassle: Ashampoo Office 9's Calculate makes it fun and engaging. From simple timetables to complex corporate financial documentation, Calculate is a drop-in Excel replacement with all the features and none of the inconsistencies. It features instant syntax highlighting and formula validation to help you spot errors in seconds. With over 350 calculations, easy table handling and support for giant datasheets with millions of entries, Calculate 9 is ideal for any spreadsheet task. Pro-level features, like pivot tables, will satisfy even the most advanced of users. And printouts of finished spreadsheets are exceptionally easy to prepare, thanks to the new page break preview. Calculate 9 uses the XLSX file format, the same format used by Microsoft Excel!

  • Engaging presentations: Ashampoo Present
  • New dynamic PowerPoint-compatible slide transitions
  • Linux support for audio and video elements in presentations
  • Element to rate table cells on Table ribbon tab
  • Toggle rulers in fullscreen mode

Present is the powerful go-to replacement for PowerPoint that creates convincing presentations–event self-contained documents that play on any PC without additional software! With breath-taking animations, redesigned slide transitions, and a mature master slide system, Present can handle anything you throw at it! Create any number of master layouts and add placeholders with just a few clicks. This not only ensures a uniform and professional look but also enables great compatibility with PowerPoint. Numerous ready-made design templates that adapt to your needs at the click of a button will make your life so much easier. Sprinkle in graphics, charts, sounds, videos, and animations to make your presentations special and magical. The Media ribbon tab makes managing multiple objects a breeze. And since Present uses PPTX, your projects will instantly work with Microsoft PowerPoint.

Adjustable user interface: classic look or ribbon style

With Ashampoo Office 9, you have a choice: traditional interface or modern ribbons? We don't want to force anything on you so we've kept the classic menu-based interface in. The modern ribbon interface is the way to go when speed and visual clarity are of the essence. It not only groups functions logically but provides great visual clues and instant feature access. By the way: You can still access all features through menus in ribbon mode, making the transition from menu to ribbon-based interface particularly easy. Whether you're a traditionalist or advocate of the modern approach, Ashampoo Office 9 has got you covered!

Seamlessly switch between MS Office and Ashampoo Office!

Skip bothersome imports and exports: Ashampoo Office uses Microsoft's DOCX, XLSX, and PPTX formats as standard! Even mail merges are now supported for XLSX. Switch seamlessly between Ashampoo Office and Microsoft Office and get the best of both worlds, even with Office 2019 or Office 365. Your documents are now fully interchangeable and editable by you or others without loss of content or formatting!

Get yourself the Office suite with excellent performance at an unbeatable price tag! Buy once, use forever!

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