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Some file optimization and application removal programs on the Mac reach for the stars, trying to perform every possible task of optimization, file cleanup, operating system customization, and malware removal the developers can think of as part of an overarching package. Other apps have been more streamlined, seeking to perform fewer functions and executing them well.

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DaisyDisk, the brainchild of developers Taras Brizitsky (who programmed the original idea, interaction, and graphic design) and Oleg Krupnov (who now handles the code and technical support) as well as a large group of translators and contributors, belongs to the latter group. The application focuses on locating file clusters, groups them by size, and offers a quick and easy means of dragging them to a delete icon and getting rid of them forever, bypassing the Finder’s Trash. The result is an application that quickly scans your Mac’s volumes after you’ve entered an administrator password, then shows you which files and folders are taking up the most space, helping you to quickly prune things down to size.

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While working on your Mac you create and download lots of files, but rarely delete anything. At some point you find that your startup disk is full. What to do?
Well, a larger disk will cost you a few hundred dollars. Yearly fee for a cloud storage is about the same.
Or simply get DaisyDisk at a fraction of the price and make plenty of space by removing old junk.


DaisyDisk also gives you a great overview of all connected disks, be it Macintosh HD, Thunderbolt disk, flash, network storage, you name it.
All displayed data are updated in real time, so you can always tell if there’s enough space to install a new game or download an HD movie.


It’s easy. Just scan a disk and see all of your files and folders as a visual interactive map. Find an unusually large file. Preview its content, and delete if you don’t need it anymore.

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