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One of the favorite tools used by Windows users is beyond any doubt CCleaner. Now Mac users will also be able to enjoy the benefits provided by this great application.

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CCleaner for Mac is a cleanup utility whose purpose is to simplify Mac maintenance. As you use your computer, the operating system itself as well as various applications you use leave behind residual files that occupy space on your hard drive and often lead to slower boot times and various other issues.

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The Cleaner eliminates logs, cache, cookies, and other junk that slow down your Mac. Just hit Run Cleaner, and Cleaner will erase the innumerable files that are bogging your computer.

The uninstaller is great when you accidentally download an app that you can’t remove. This is common when you install software that slyly gets you to download other software that you don’t want. Simply select the app you want to delete and click Uninstall.

Startup Manager
Many programs you download automatically default to starting when you boot your computer. Having many heavy programs start on bootup can slow your computer down. Use Startup Manager to configure auto-running of apps right when your Mac boots. All you have to do is pick them from the list and click Remove or Disable.

Erase Free Space
While many times file deletion is an accident, you can recover these files using data recovery tools. This incredible functionality can become a significant issue when you need to delete files securely. With this application, you can securely erase free storage space on your Mac for privacy and security reasons. All you must do is select a volume and click Wipe. These files will not be retrievable anymore.

Large File Finder
Cleaning disk drives is easier when you can delete a few large files than hundreds of tiny ones. CCleaner has a feature that helps locate large files that consume too much space on your Mac. All you have to do is decide how much is large for you, then set the value in the box and click Search.

Duplicate Finder
Duplicate files eat up disk space and slow your computer. CCleaner finds duplicate files such as installers that have been downloaded twice and pictures saved multiple times. All you have to do is set the scan parameters and click Search.

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